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The Emerging Market Consulting Group (EMG), is comprised of consultants who have partnered their resources to focus on international emerging market opportunities. Principals of the group are Susheila Dhillon CMB, Brian Handal CMB, and Alan Fowler CMB. As EMG is comprised exclusively of Master Certified Mortgage Bankers (CMBs), the group is recognized internationally as the premiere Real Estate Finance industry management consulting and education provider.

The CMB designation is the US mortgage industry standard of professional success and is awarded by the US Mortgage Bankers Association to those individuals who have demonstrated unsurpassed expertise in the real estate finance industry. The CMB designation represents the highest professional designation within the real estate finance industry and the CMB community is comprised of outstanding industry professionals and leaders.

EMG specializes in providing quality-focused consulting to the real estate finance industry and has a proven track record of working with emerging market governments and private sector companies. EMG excels because each of its members develop relationships with individual stakeholders charged with the ongoing success of its projects. Respect for the culture of its clients combined with a sincere desire for long term success of the project and the people involved, set EMG apart from other international consulting firms specializing in the area of real estate finance.

EMG engages a team of highly qualified international consultants with varied and extensive backgrounds in Housing Policy, Mortgage Finance, Micro-Finance Lending, Property Registration, Land Policy, Market Research, Education, Strategic Planning and a full spectrum of Mortgage Finance. EMG establishes the necessary industry structure and works with in-country staff to incorporate mortgage banking best practices.

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