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SuSheila Dhillon, CMB

SuSheila DhillonSuSheila has over 25 years of financial industry experience including project management at the executive level as well as strategic planning and industry consulting. SuSheila is recognized as an industry expert in Fraud Detection, Prevention, and Mitigation, and is also an instructor for the National Mortgage Bankers as well as AllRegs, the industry leader in analysis and interpretation of Federal Regulations and Agency Guidelines. SuSheila teaches Mortgage Banking Best Practices in International Emerging Markets. She is one of a select group of less than 1,000 professionals to have earned the Master Certified Mortgage Banker designation from the Mortgage Bankers Association. SuSheila received her BA from the University of Maryland, College Park, just outside of Washington DC. She represents the CMB Society on the MBA MORPAC and Mortgage Action Alliance Committee, co-chairing the annual CMBs lobbing efforts on Capital Hill.

As an external consultant to USAID, SuSheila worked extensively with Egyptian government leaders and industry professionals to create a residential and commercial real estate finance infrastructure. These efforts resulted in a significant increase in mortgage finance production.

SuSheila has extensive experience consulting and working with national financial institutions identifying industry best practices and mitigating institutional risk, as well as integrating all organizational functions to exceed customer needs while meeting corporate objectives.

During the 2009 bank crisis, SuSheila managed an FDIC outsourced project team tasked with auditing non-performing mortgage loans from failed institutions and identifying fraud schemes, determining culpability as well as recovery sources.

Her knowledge of industry trends and evolving regulatory initiatives combined with her experience in process analysis and reengineering workflows has facilitated the identification of areas of exposure, the successful implementation of state of art technology, and significantly improved transparency and performance.

Throughout her career, SuSheila has demonstrated exceptional knowledge of business management practices, marketing plan implementation, effective sales generation efforts, and risk performance analysis. She possesses strategic and analytical skills to evaluate a company with a top down approach. She possesses strong analytical and people skills and is excellent at fostering teamwork and empowering employees to their level of accountability; is very creative, gregarious, high energy, and detail oriented.

Brian M. Handal, CMB

Brian M HandalBrian is a Senior Vice President and Division Sales Manager with Wells Fargo in the Correspondent Lending Channel. He leads a team of Regional Account Managers that focus on mid size lenders that sell residential mortgages to Wells Fargo on a correspondent basis. Additionally, Brian was the Chairman of the Certified Mortgage Banking Society, year ending 2009. Brian is the developer of "CMB's on the Hill" an event on Capitol Hill during the National Policy Conference in Washington DC.

He began his career 22 years ago with Prudential Home Mortgage in Minneapolis, where he spent 5 years in retail operations and sales. Following the Minnesota experience, Brian and his wife Gina relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Gina took a job with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Brian took a position with Charter Bank, where he developed a corporate affinity program where he focused on regional associations and corporations in New Mexico.

After almost 2 years, Brian seized an opportunity to work for Freddie Mac in Virginia. As an Account Manager, Brian managed the relationships between community bank seller/servicers and Freddie Mac.

In 1999, Brian left Freddie Mac and took a job with CitiMortgage as a Regional Sales Manager for all credit and lending products in the Citigroup arsenal. As the Regional Sales Manager he managed relationships with Solomon Smith Barney, Travelers Insurance, and Primerica Financial Insurance.

In January 2001, Brian joined to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage where he led an operations retention team as an overflow mechanism in the face of huge refinance volume. Following that project he took a month in Malaga, Spain and participated in a Spanish submersion course to work on his Spanish diction. Upon his return, Brian returned to Wells Fargo's Sales Delivery Connection as the National Business Development Manager and managed the internal wholesale sales initiative.

Upon completion of the Wells Fargo project, Brian joined Silvergate Bank in September of 2003, where he was the SVP of The Mortgage Banking Group. His responsibilities included all things necessary to create a profitable and saleable mortgage; to include Secondary Marketing, Sales and Operations. Monthly production averaged $50 - $80 million in production.

In October of 2005, Brian traveled to Cairo Egypt with the Mortgage Bankers Association and participated in the Egyptian Financial Services Project where he and a team of industry professionals worked in concert to develop the framework from which Egypt will begin to create an evolving Mortgage Banking industry. Since that time, Brian and his 2 business partners have created the Emerging Markets Group, an international consulting firm and have returned to Cairo many times as recently as December 2009.

Brian, his wife Gina, and their rescue collie mix, "Queso the Magnificent", live in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

Alan R. Fowler, CMB

Alan R FowlerAlan R. Fowler, CMB, is President of Suburban Mortgage Company of New Mexico. Alan has been with Suburban since 1980 and has held positions in servicing, production and secondary marketing before becoming President in 1999.

Alan is a 1989 graduate of the Mortgage Bankers Association's School of Mortgage Banking and attained the Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation in 1996. He has a BBA in Finance from the University of New Mexico.

Alan has 16 years experience in mortgage education and consulting. He is a principal in the Emerging Market Consulting Group which specializes in building mortgage finance systems in developing countries. Alan has created over 400 hours of mortgage education courses and presented them to thousands of mortgage professionals in the US and around the world, and consulted on projects that created primary and secondary mortgage systems in markets where they had not existed.

Alan is the incoming Chairman of the CMB Society, as well as Past President of the American Alliance for Loan Management, a 16 year board member and past President of the New Mexico Mortgage Bankers Association, a member of the Fannie Mae Mortgage Bankers Advisory Board, Community Lending Roundtable, Secondary Market Advisory Committee and the New Mexico Partnership Office Advisory Committee, as well as serving on various Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) committees.

Alan is a past Vice-Chairman of the City of Albuquerque's Affordable Housing Committee and works with several community, tribal and non-profit organizations that provide affordable housing opportunities to under-served populations, acting as a trainer and speaker for home-buyer education programs. Alan is also a Master Faculty Fellow for the MBA's School of Mortgage Banking and is a regular speaker for organizations such as the Allregs Academy and the OCC. Alan has trained thousands of mortgage and affiliated industry professionals in the U.S and around the world.

Alan created the first comprehensive course required for Loan Officers in the US to take in order to receive their licenses, and has taught courses on all areas of real estate finance including origination, production operations, mortgage loan products, underwriting, credit scoring, closing, secondary marketing, fraud, regulatory compliance, real estate math, servicing and commercial real estate finance.

Of all Alan's activities and accomplishments, he is most proud of his wife, Heather, and his two children, McKenzie and Collin, as well as his service as Chairman of City on a Hill, a fellowship serving people in central Albuquerque.

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