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Areas of Expertise

International Real Estate Best Practices Consulting

Successful track record in advising international government leaders and industry professionals in creating a residential and commercial real estate finance infrastructure and increasing mortgage finance production.

Secondary Marketing Enhancements

Excel in assisting clients move from Best Efforts to Mandatory delivery as well as centralizing lock desk functions and procedures.

SAFE Act Training

EMG has created approved courses and has presented over 250 hours of approved training. The cumulative course and instructor ratings are 4.95 out of 5 for all courses.

Federal Regulator Consultant

Specializing in working with federal regulators in auditing non-performing mortgage loans from failed institutions and identifying fraud schemes, determining culpability as well as recovery sources.

Strategic Planning

Specialize in guiding management teams assess corporate strengths and identify barriers to growth of the organization, determining strategy and communicating the corporate vision.

Merger and Acquisition Analysis and Integration

Assist organizations analyze potential acquisitions, determine appropriate organizational structure and required staffing levels, establish potential procedural and workflow improvements, and identify automation opportunities.

Profitability Management Risk Mitigation

Proven success at Capital Markets management, creating Warehouse funding sources, developing internal best execution pricing models, maintaining strong business partnerships with multiple investors to insure competitive outlets, as well as Channel Management. This includes managing volume, monitoring fallout and pull through, and measuring profitability per channel.

Real Estate Portfolio Risk Analysis

Provide portfolio risk analysis, determine the impact of layered risk on the performance of the portfolio, and identify ways to minimize risk while remaining competitive in the market place.

Construction Lending

Excel at establishing project review and disbursement administration procedures to ensure that projects remain in balance and mitigate losses.

Federal Lending Guideline Compliance

Successful in provide insight into key opportunities to strengthen internal controls to meet Federal compliance guidelines.


Assist organization in pipeline valuation, identifying ancillary income opportunities including data mining, cross sale opportunities, and loss and risk mitigation.

Process Reengineering

Effective in assisting companies analyze systems and workflows, enhance income, and reduce expenses resulting in bottom-line profitability.

Policy and Procedure Development

Excel at creating policies and procedures to enhance and strengthen controls and increase quality in production LOB's, compliance, and disaster recovery areas.

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